by Kriegopfer


Kriegopfer Saldus, Latvia

Played a couple of shows, recorded some songs, had a great time, now we rest a bit.

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Track Name: Erasenation
the days are counted
erasing dreams
the wound still bleeds
the emperor is dead
he's shot in the head
but no regrets are made
no chance to evade

so many faces seen
too little recognized
so many of them destroyed
but no one revived

holding on the shortest straw
shaking but not falling down
is this some kind of surviving?
is this just worth of trying?

so many words have been said
too little understood
so many eyes have been opened
too little of them have seen

so many souls have been spread
too little joined again
so many hearts have been broke
too little fell in love

with world
with self
with us
with you
Track Name: Varas Kults
frekvences ir okupētas
acis plaši aizvērtas
saprātu sabradā zābaku zoles
naids uzliesmo

naids deg, bet nesadeg

mālos tiek sētas ideju sēklas
sejas pazūd, paliek numuri
varas kults, varas reliģija
slepkavu nav, to vietā varoņi

gaisā jūtama asiņu smaka
izskatās, ka atkal būs karš
Track Name: Formula Of Today
process is on you can't stop
train is running fast you know why

run forest run don't you stop
die forest die don't ask why

don't ask why
don't ask why you can't stop the train

ghost in the machine can't find no brakes
numbers are more important than you
there is nothing more to breath in here
speed consumes the living flesh and you..

process is on you can't stop the train
process is on you can't stop the train
run forest run you can't stop the train
die forest die you won't stop the train
Track Name: Self-made Prison
self-made prisons
there is no braking out
there is no amnesty

no light comes in
since windows long time shut
connections aborted
energy sucked out

this collective cage
was built by tasty words
i have this feeling under my skin
our true smiles are dangerous

our true smiles are mortal

the only visitor
is permanent emptyness
desperate voices
will kill your mind

the only guards
are intrusive doubts
insomniac pray
for death to come

you will die! in your self-made prison
all your food is lies
and seems you love this taste
you will die! in your lies!
Track Name: Holy Virus
holy virus
feeds on our fear

chaos dressed in uniform
horny groupies of the jesus band

only one book
as a measure of wisdom
the patent of truth
is in violent hands
holly virus
feeds on our fear
and become the
mass of followers

image of god painted with blood
ugly face of the human drama
refusal of masses to take the blame
(blame they are ashamed of)
escape from the problems in crowd without name

holy shit
Track Name: Totāla Kontrole
cilvēks cilvēkam lielākais ienaidnieks
tevi novēro totāla kontrole

nekas nav mainījies kopš dienām senajām
tā pati konfekte, tik' citā papīrā
svabadie prāti, kas vēlas darboties
joprojām nav derīgi mūsu sistēmai

kas valda
tas skalda

tevi novēro totāla kontrole
jo tu klausies šo, prātu "aptumšo"
tevi novēro totāla kontrole
nekur nenoslēpsies, acis ir sienām
tāda lūk mums tā demokrātija
darīt var visu, bet labāk neko
Track Name: Mean Silence
tragedies put in golden frames
set us cry and feel guilty
but i'm afraid there is no guilt
just like everything it's built up
there is no fee for walking on water
but you have to pay for trying

silence is mean
it makes you think
of what you are
or what you aren't

by the river of striking pain
in a small ancient shed
lives the one
who draws the cards of fate
but they are fake

it's where the tricks of fortune are made
it's where your soul is put on trade